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 Dynlegacy's Retest

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PostSubject: Dynlegacy's Retest   Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:27 am

Duel 1: Me (Anti-Glads) vs Dyn (Volcanic Burn) 1-0

Judgement: During the most of the duel, I had complete control of the field. After heavy storm hit
the field, you had no resources to fall back on for a comeback. The deck lacked speed and couldnt keep up
with the glad beasts. Try to find cards that benefits pyro/fire type monsters to see if they have some sort of draw engine.
Despite having the odds against you, you never gave up the fight.

Duel 2: Me (Karakuris) vs Dyn (Atlanteans) 2-0

Judegement: During this duel it was frightening to go up against the troll atlanteans. After skreech was destroyed by
battle we both thought it would activate the atlanteans effect which come to realization it does not. When you played
the trap Gravity Bind, that card became your saviour. But what held you back was Naturia Beast who took away your key spells
to keep you alive in the duel. Once your field was cleared of monsters, you had no of coming back with dead draws of spell cards.

Duel 3: Me (Chaos Control) vs Dyn (Ritual) 3-0

Judgement: Man I dunno what to say about this duel. Your deck was used to focus on Ritual Summonings but I never even once
see a ritual monster hit the field except the tributes for it. Trag was the big boss of the field and kept you backed up into a
corner. Bls seemed like your only saviour but I reserved my torrential for that type of situation. Dunno what it is but
either DN was just giving you dead draws or the deck really lacked consistency. Find a way to fix that.


Deck Types:
Volcanic Burn


Deck Construction:
Your decks were constructed pretty decently but your deck couldn't pull off the combos as it was made to have done.
Try adding in some pot of duality for some sort of draw power. With the Alanteans if you dont already have it, pot of avarice
would be a plus since the grave stays filled with monsters.



Duel 1: This duel was pretty simple considering that your key cards were never drawn for the majority of the duel. But you did your best
to make a comeback which is what makes a duelist stronger.You made no misplays.


Duel 2:This was the most challenging duel I had during our test session. Them Alanteans have so much destructive power just by being sent to the grave-
yard as cost for a water tpye monster and then getting their effects activated >.<. Gravity Bind was unexpected as my key monsters were mostly synchros. But
Naturia kept me alive from the beginning to the end of the duel.But you did whatever you could to get it off the field but I always had a counter.


Duel 3: I thought the Ritual deck was gonna give me hell. Came to find out that DN didn't allow you to draw anything to pullout your ritual monsters.And
the cards that were your draw engine didn't even come up until after the duel was over. But like every other duel, you still put up a fight to the end.



Attitude: Your attitude was great. You didn't complain nor did you get mad like most testees would have. The duels were great and your spirit is what every duelist
needs. I look forward to dueling you again.


Final Result:46/70. Retained. Any questions about the results, notify me.
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Dynlegacy's Retest
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