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 CaptainCrunch605 Test Results

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PostSubject: CaptainCrunch605 Test Results   Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:54 pm


Duel 1: Me (Gem Knights) vs Capt. (Lightsworns) 1-0

Judgement: You had me pinned to the wall once you got Judgement Dragon on the field. Honestly,
you had the game won but you maybe had gotten so confident that I had no comeback and din't
deliver the damage needed to pull the win off.That final draw may sometimes be that game changer.
Remember that.

Duel 2: Me (Black Wings) vs Capt (Dark Crystal Beasts) 2-0

Judegement: Your deck didn't have much consistency at all during the duel. You did with what
you could but nothing helped you in the long rin. Without consistency, a deck cannot function
the way it's supposed to. We cannot rely on the chances of drawing cards at certain points
in a duel.

Duel 3: Me (Fables) vs Capt. (Cyber Dragons) 3-0

Judgement. This deck didn't even give me a challenge as I would have thought. The whole duel I only seen
2 or 3 monsters summoned to your side of the field. You backrow became usless once I Nuked the field
with Black Rose.You have to find way to get cards to your hand quickly then relying on the draw.
Consistency is key.


Deck Types:
Dark Crystal Beasts
Cyber Dragons


Deck Construction:
The thing about your decks is that they lack consistency and without that, I can't see how
you can stand a winning chance against you opponent. Every deck you make, besides cards like
Pot of Duality, try to find out what other type of cards can give you extra draw power. Your lightsworn
deck milled cards so it thinned the deck quicker to access the better cards for later but it some-
times doesn't have the best of luck.



Duel 1: The beginng you pushed me to great lengths and I thought I was about to lose the 1st test duel. But you
made the biggest mistake when you didn't summon Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner to special another Lightsworn from
the grave and take then win. I had no field whatsoever and Gorz was already used. And allowing one last draw caused you
the game. Calculate point reduction ahead of time, it helps so much in the long run.


Duel 2:The Dark Crystal Beast I was happy to see. Never seen them used before. But within the duel, nothing spetacular was
happening. You had no control of the field at no given point. I didn't see the key cards of deck at all, not even Pegasus. When
I attacked and destroyed Cobalt, you sent him to the graveyard while Advanced Dark was on the field and deducted lifepoints when
the card states take no battle damage from that battle. Key cards should be at 3 for any deck, according to how you're running it.


Duel 3:At the beginning, I drew no traps and was pretty much opened to any and all attacks.Your summoned two monsters as far as I could remember and didn't do much with those. Once I began to swarm the field, you had no way of coming back. Swords of Revealing Light was buying you time but it didn't buy you enough.



Your attitude was what I expected it to be from all other previous duels I've had with you before. What you lack is
patience and not asking your opponent for responses. Rushing will allow him to see what you're up to and can allow him to
react quickly to the situation at hand. We don't want to spoil surprises.


Final Result:29/70. Welcome to Thestalos Red Monarch.
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PostSubject: Re: CaptainCrunch605 Test Results   Tue Aug 28, 2012 2:46 am

awarded and locked

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CaptainCrunch605 Test Results
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