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 What about a clan....

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PostSubject: What about a clan....   Fri Aug 24, 2012 10:55 am

i propose the academy makes a clan or DN team of sorts that would represent the academy. Hmmm, think of this like a unit (the clan) from the royal army (forum). That team would have "DN" wars and represent our academy, which should see more people coming in. While the war team focuses on "ACADEMY" wars.
The clan will not have any members of the forum that are currently staff, this means a clan member can later on become a staff member and remain part of team.

The war team, will be composed by the admins and their judgment. You can move from the clan to the war team (a sort of promotion, like soldier to caption or w/e) if the admins feel your ready.

Clan: (pick a really awesome name)

Leader : this person will be in charge of the whole team, he decides who is in the team and how the team will be sorted out. The admins will have little say about how the team is run, we will most likely have a vote to see who the leader is.

NOTE: just because this is a DN team or whatever, does not mean your activity in acad drops, if it does it will result in you being dropped. This is the leaders responsibility, if he doesn't handle the team properly he will be replaced.

ok...i now I've said a lot (thanks for reading if your read all of it) and i most likely forgot some stuff, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.....this is only a suggestion so NO ONE leave a comment "I'm in" -_- ..suggestions, ideas, comments, questions would be better.

This does allow for 2 ways a member can grow in acad, making it more versatile.

Solder route
Clan member
War Team Member

Staff route
Mod/chat mod
Forum Mod

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What about a clan....
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